Takt Op Destiny Itasha

The Maestro’s Wide Itasha – Karl’s Civic Type R

I finally had the pleasure of changing tires on my first itasha. This time, it was fully kitted and wrapped Civic Type R themed around the anime Takt Op Destiny. It features one of the show’s main characters (Destiny). However, aside from the graphics, what was also astonishing was the tire size.

When Karl told me he wanted to install 265s and 305s on his car, I assumed it was some type of Porsche, a modded BMW, or some other high-horsepower rear-wheel-drive car. To my surprise, it turned out to be a Civic, and yes, the 305s were for the front (with the 265s going on the rear wheels.)

Advan GT Wheel from Itasha

My shattered mind had been accustomed to Civics using much smaller tire sizes — something closer to 235 in front and 215 in back for stock-body cars and 265 in front and and 255 in the rear of cars with wide body kits.

One of the other surprises for me was to see an itasha maintain a strong emphasis on performance. But here you go — unique looks, power, and grip.

Destiny Finished

Unfortunately, the super wide setup would be short-lived with the rubbing that ensued. Though still super wide, Karl would eventually step down a tire size from the originally-intended 305/265 setup. I guess that’s just destiny for you.

If you’d like to see more of Karl’s work, check out @bimyou.workshop on Instagram or visit his website at bimyouworkshop.com

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