Toyota Solara on TRD Wheels

One of a Kind – Kenny’s Solara on TRD Wheels

Toyota’s Solara was released nearly 20 years ago, and on first impression, it seemed like it would be a pretty cool tuner platform. However, overshadowed by the more popular Lexus and Toyota cars of the time, the Solara didn’t receive much time in the limelight. Flash forward to today, we see at least one man who had the vision to bring this project to reality. Meet Kenny’s sweet supercharged Toyota Solara on TRD wheels.

There was one problem while street tuning this recent build of the car — it made too much power for the Achilles tires that were currently mounted, losing grip at full-throttle. Tuning was basically impossible to do. So for this task, we would take the Kumho PS31 tires off of Kenny’s Enkei wheels and put them onto the TRD wheels currently on the Solara. Even though the Kumhos weren’t the most grippy tire in the world, they were still much better than the Achilles ATR.

These particular TRD wheels came with some interesting yet functional hardware. It comprised of a plate to cover the lug holes of the wheel, followed by a locking nut and a safety pin.

With all the hardware assembled, the setup was neat and tidy. It reminded me of the bolt you’d see on the old Advan SA3R wheels but with an additional pin for safety. Another little tidbit I noticed was this TRD tag on the fenders with “Molly Designs” written underneath, whatever that means.

Here’s Kenny’s Solara with the tire swap finished. Street tuning with the new tires was successful after the project was finished. Following that, he decided to have his car professionally dyno-tuned to adjust the finer details.

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