Lateral UP-Grade – Steven’s Tesla Model 3

Imagine you’ve upgraded from your stock wheels to Ray’s Engineering TE37s. And now, you want to change wheels again; what’s next? For a lot of people, TE37s are the final frontier — the upgrade from the upgrade. One COULD move sideways, and that’s exactly what Steven did with his bagged Tesla Model 3.

He arrived with this spotless set of TE37s in bronze, and therefore I assumed this project might be a simple tire change. But then Steven unloaded another set of wheels from his car…

To my surprise, it was a set of new Work VSXXs; a staggered setup with a respectable amount of lip in the rear. I thought to myself, “Is this an upgrade then?” Maybe so… in a way. The change was from a 1-piece sports wheel to flashy, 3-piece setup.

Interestingly, this set of wheels retained the Work valve stems at their original location. However, there was an additional hole drilled on the back/inner-barrel of each wheel to facilitate the use of the Tesla TPMS sensors. In this way, one can retain the clean appearance of the aftermarket valve stems while maintaining tire pressure monitoring. Although, it does add an extra potential point of failure, but that’s just the cost of style. And style is of the utmost importance.

This would be a well-stretched setup; a necessary choice to achieve an extremely close wheel-to-fender clearance while minimizing rubbing. The most recent cars I’ve seen with such tight fitment belong to the Prius guys. I don’t know, friends… there’s something about hybrids and electric cars in 2020+ that are leading the fitment wars for whatever reason!

Work VS-XX on Tesla Model 3

And here’s the final product. What a baller move — to have Work VSXXs as main wheels and Ray’s TE37s as spares. Lmao. I’m all for it.

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