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Higher Contrast – Nathan’s BRZ

There are few things more supreme than perfectly-clean white wheels. It’s all about contrast. When you have a car — especially a darker-colored car, white wheels really pop. I suppose that was one reason why Nathan decided to swap his silver Work Emotions for a set of white Desmond Regamaster Evo 2s.

Work Emotion Wheel by Itself

There was absolutely nothing wrong with his Work wheels. He shelled out the cash to purchase them brand new, and they look beautiful on their own. But silver wheels on a gray car don’t don’t do each other any favors, aside from blending their visages together. Perhaps these wheels would look nicer on a chariot with a more vibrant color.

Desmond Regamaster by itself

Here’s how that Regamaster looked after I transferred the tires from the Works. Advan Apex V601s are nice for their balanced grip as well as longevity. So, there would be zero problems reusing these on the new wheels.

By itself, the Regamaster looks just as beautiful as the Work (though arguably more elegant). But because it’s a white wheel, there’s a stronger contrast against Nathan’s BRZ. In fact, the car will make the wheels stand out more, and the wheels will make the car’s paint stand out more too. It’s a win-win.

After the wheel swap

Increased excellence, right? The ONLY downside is in the cleanliness department. Keeping white wheels clean is one of the toughest things in life to do, right up there with buying your own house, finishing grad school, and landing a rocket on the moon. It’s even up there with keeping black paint clean. But man when it’s good, it’s great!

Old and New Laid Out

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