The average tire change on most cars is $120-$168 for 4 tires, and for trucks with all-terrain tires, it’s $240 for 4 tires.

Alignments range from $60-$180 and include a touch-up session at 50% cost within 14 days.

Tire repairs typically range from $12-$24 for cars and $18-$42 for trucks.

The charts shown below will help you get a more detailed idea. Prices shown are per-tire/wheel/corner. Any duty not required will not be charged.

Tire Installation

Typical* >18″ or >255** Truck / SUV
Tire Dismount$6$12$12
Valve Installation$6$12
New TPMS (Aftermarket)$30 + tax
New TPMS (OEM)Inquire
Bead Blast (Cheetah)$6
Tire Mount$6$12$12
Bolt to Vehicle$6$12
Tire Disposal$6

* Extra charge for wheels that are greater than 18″ in diameter or wider than 255; for example, a 265/35/18 or 19″ wheel.

** Most full-size trucks and SUVs and all vehicles using all-terrain tires.

Alignment ($60 Base)

Checking / Diagnostic$30
Front Caster$30
Front Camber$30
Front Toe$30
Rear Camber$30
Rear Toe$30

A single touch-up session at 50% cost is available within 14 days following the initial alignment. I will help return your car to proper alignment after a race weekend or if you decide to make changes for handling or fitment reasons.

Tire Repair

Inside PatchPlug
Tire Dismount$6 or $12n/a
Apply Repair$6$6
Tire Mount$6 or $12n/a
Bolt to Vehicle$6 or $12$6 or $12