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Well, That’s Different – Justin’s SCS Wheels and BFG All-Terrain Tires

It’s not a bad thing — in the past year, the #1 wheel for off-road Toyota trucks has been the Rays Engineering TE37, and it’s not even close. The TE37 has been the choice for ALL BUT ONE of my truck projects. But apparently, the old popular choice has been a Thai wheel brand known lovingly as Stealth Custom Series or SCS for short.

To be different in 2022, Justin decided to pick SCS’s “Gen5” wheel in 17×9 for his late model Toyota Tacoma. SCS named this unique color “BZ4,” and the most outstanding characteristic of this wheel was the amount of dish it had. It had more dish than a Chicago pizza parlor… more lip than a Beverly Hills botox clinic… more… I digress… I just hope it fits over the brakes on Justin’s truck because the back padding seemed a bit on the small side.

On this particular project, I didn’t have the vehicle with me, as it was out getting a lift kit installed.

BF Goodrich KO2

The tire of choice were these big bad BFGoodrich K02 in 295/70/17, and my back muscles were ready put in some serious work.

Here’s how the SCS wheels and BFG tires look together, scratchless and scuffless.

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