Hyundai Veloster N with OEM Wheels

Go Small or Go Home – Danny’s Veloster N

Many moons ago, hobbyist wheel upgrades would typically increase the diameter by one or two sizes. Rides that came with 15″ or 16″ wheels would usually be upgraded to 17″ or 18″, and so on. Today was the first time I’ve heard of anyone shrinking DOWN a size from the OEM wheel — from 19″ to 18″, as shown by Danny’s Hyundai Veloster N.

A set of gloss-black 7-spoke Enkeis were the weapon of choice. Going down a dress-size from 19″ to 18″ allowed for an overall lighter setup, less pain to the wallet, and a more comfortable ride, thanks to 40-sidewall tires instead of the super low profile 35-series tires on the factory setup. Danny decided to go with Michelin Pilot All-Season tires due to the drastically bipolar weather in Arizona where he’s from.

Even though the new wheel is smaller than stock, the Enkeis seem to fit the Veloster justly. It doesn’t look too small at all — in fact one could argue that it looks more at home than the original setup.

Veloster with Enkeis Side Profile

Danny isn’t the only one who’s decided to go down a size. I’ve heard around the way that this is a fairly popular move for Hyundai Veloster owners, and I wonder if there are any other cars out there where the owners do the same sort of downsizing to upgrade.

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